Cindi brings a new fresh vibe to the team and fits in very well with the staff. Dr. BeDell is very thrilled to have her, she will become integral part of patient care as she will implement specific soft tissue massage techniques in conjunction with the treatment of the other professionals in the office.

Hours for Massage
Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM
Special Hours Upon Request


  • 30 Minutes – $35
  • 45 Minutes – $50
  • 60 Minutes – $65
  • 75 Minutes – $80
  • 90 Minutes – $95
  • 105 Minutes – $110
  • 120 Minutes – $125

*Come in within 4 weeks of your last appointment at Warrensburg Wellness and get $10 off a 60 minute massage.

*Cash, check and debit or credit card accepted.

Cynthia Sigsbury (Cindi) was born and mostly raised in Warrensburg, MO. She wanted to be a massage therapist from a young age. She graduated massage school in 2005 with her Associate’s Degree from Hi-Tech Institute in Kansas City, MO. She practiced massage therapy in Florida from 2007 to 2016, attaining certification as a CORE Myofascial Therapist in 2013. Myofascial massage, a work focusing on structural balance and posture, is now her favorite modality and the main influence in all of her work. She will be available for appointments Monday – Friday 9-5. She can be reached at 660-429-5533 by call or text.

What is Myofascial Massage Therapy?

Myo = muscle

Fascia = connective tissues

Myofascial massage therapy is a structural integration modality that takes into consideration not only musculature but also fascia, and how these soft tissues create holding patterns in the body. The therapist works to improve the relationship between the two so that the body can have optimal posture and balance, decreasing pain and increasing ease of movement and range of motion.

“A change in the shape of the body creates a change in the state of the soul.” ~Aristotle~